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Address:165 North Road, five rural China Ningbo Yinzhou District Wuxiang Wuxiang Industrial Park, Lane 175



Zip Code:315111

E-mail:[email protected]  [email protected]

About us

        The LiHe Group has two subordinate enterprise——Ningbo Yinzhou LiHe Chemical fiber CO.LTD and Ningbo Yinzhou LiHe Electric appliance Co.Ltd. The products plot four parts: The chemical fiber, weaves the belt, colored chemical fiber mother grain, electric appliance. This enterprise constructs at the end of the 50’s, is the earliest rural enterprise in our town.Our company transferred the system in 1998, and was the privately operated enterprise.
    it situated at the open coastal city - Ningpo city eastern suburb, was apart from the urban district 8 kilometers, North has the name of "Eastern Rotterdam" -----Beilun port, west for the national level traveling scenic area Fenghua Xikou – Jiang Jieshi native place, the back according to the Shengyong railroad,
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